The AH-64 Apache Assault Helicopter stands as a symbol of military innovation and precision. Known for its formidable firepower and advanced targeting systems, the Apache has earned its reputation on battlefields around the globe. On this page, you will find a comprehensive collection of articles detailing the AH-64’s development, design, capabilities, and combat history. Whether you’re a military enthusiast or simply curious about this iconic helicopter, our extensive list of AH-64 Helicopter articles offers insights and information to satisfy your interest.

The history of military helicopters
Military Helicopters

The History of Military Helicopters

From the pioneering designs of Igor Sikorsky to the fearsome Apache attack helicopter, the evolution of military helicopters reflects a tale of innovation and strategic mastery. Serving as both formidable combatants and vital transporters, these flying marvels have shaped the course of modern warfare. Explore the transformative journey of military helicopters, from their nascent stages during World War II to their current indispensable role in global defense.

Apache AH-64 Cobra Helicopter in Flight
Military Helicopters

History of the AH-64 Apache Assault Helicopter

The AH-64 Apache Helicopter was originally designed by Hughes in the 1970s to meet an Army requirement for an advanced attack helicopter.  Production was not authorized until 1982.  The first Apache helicopter deployed in 1986.  The AH-64A became the Army’s primary attack helicopter and a total of 824 were put into Army service.

The Apache helicopter can react quickly to engage in close combat to destroy, disrupt or hold up enemy forces.