RC Helicopters vs Hobby Grade Helicopters

Toy vs Hobby Grade RC Helicopters

This is a great video by Brandon at rcflightschool.  Now you can learn why one RC Helicopter costs more than the other.  This video is kind of long (12 Minutes), but this RC video has the best explanation about the differences between RC Helicopters.  The video goes into what is meant by 2-channel, 3-channel and 4-channel RC Helicopters. It will give you a much better understanding of what you should be looking for in an RC Helicopter.

Youtube Description:  Ever wonder what the difference between RC helicopter your buy at Wal-mart like air hogs and the more expensive hobby grade RC helicopters are? Here are a few thoughts from someone who has ten years’ experience in the hobby. Electric remote controlled helicopters are loads of fun in a variety of ways but here we try and help you make the buying decision.

RC Helicopters: The Pilot’s Essentials

RC Helicopters The Pilot's Essentials

WThe best comprehensive guide to RC Helicopters to date with most of the information a pilot needs to enjoy all that this hobby has to offer. This guide will help you to learn how to fly, repair and modify your helicopter.This book is for you if you:

•If you want to learn how to effectively fly your helicopter

•If you want to increase your piloting skills

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