Fly A Huey Helicopter in Cape Town
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Fly in a Huey Helicopter While In Cape Town

This is an awesome video of the Huey Helicopter.  The video is of a ride that’s available in Cape Town, Africa.  The riders get to ride in a Huey that’s flown as a pilot would have flown in the Vietnam War.  The video is well put together and has some great inside and outside shots of the Huey Helicopter.

I know I want to get to Cape Town and go for a ride!  Looks like a ton of fun! I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to buzz the beach and treetops in a real Huey Helicopter. I’m sure it would be a memory that would last a lifetime!

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Grabbing the hand-held radio and transmitting on Guard, Halvorson alerted the tower to their situation. “This is Dustoff 7-oh-7 on guard, north of Quant Tri about 20 miles out. We have multiple wounded on board, no idea of their condition, no hydralics, and no instruments. We need a straight in. Clear everything, I need to be first in line”. It was about this this time that Gary noticed one of the few instruments still working was the engine temperature gauge, “And it was running pretty hot.”

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