Robinson R-22 Helicopter in Flight

Robinson R22 Helicopter Hovering Video

This helicopter video shows a Robinson R-22 Helicopter hovering in one place. 

The Robinson R-22 Helicopter is one of the most popular helicopters in the world.  It is used for flight training, livestock mustering to patrolling pipelines because of it’s dependability, low operating costs and performance.

The Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter is flown throughout the world for many applications, ranging from flight training to livestock mustering to patrolling pipelines, that require dependability, low operating costs, and performance.

The Huey in Vietnam: Bell’s UH-1 at War

The Huey in Vietnam

Few implements of war are as representative of the US presence in Vietnam as the Bell Huey UH-1-series helicopters. Whether serving in the role of troop transport for airborne assault, supply transports, aerial gunships, or medical evacuation, the Huey was seemingly everywhere. The versatile aircraft, officially the “Iroquois,” was affectionately known to all as the “Huey,” a name derived from its early model designation of HU-1A. The Huey, later re-designated UH-1, was a mainstay during America’s presence in Vietnam, and 11 Huey crewmen earned the Medal of Honor.

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