Hawaiian Helicopter Tours are awesome

Helicopter Rides in Beautiful Hawaii

If you have never visited the beautiful 50th state of the United States, Hawaii, then you have missed some of the best scenery available to American tourists. Hawaii is famous for the volcanoes, valleys, coastlines, and waterfalls that make up its island landscape, and for the five smaller islands that surround it. Helicopter rides are one of the most popular ways to explore such landmarks as the island of Oahu or any of Hawaii’s 5 volcanoes.

Helicopter rides are the perfect method of sightseeing to really get a good look at everything Hawaii has to offer. Their rotor-based hovering method of flight allows a slow, smooth slow flying trip above the lush green and volcanic formations. Many tourists have posted rave reviews on travel sites about their experiences with Hawaiian helicopter rides, claiming that taking to the skies in a beautiful chopper and soaring above the islands was one of their most unique sightseeing experiences.

Hawaiian Helicopter Tour over lava field
Hawaiian Helicopter Tour over lava field

There are quite different services across the Big Island that offer helicopter rides to sightseers and helicopter enthusiasts alike. The most popular service has the name: Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours. This company offers scenic helicopter rides over all six of the Hawaiian Islands and individual tours based on which landmarks you really want to see. For instance, they have flights like the “Circle of Fire plus Waterfalls” for those volcano and waterfall fans and the “Kohala Coast Adventure” flight for those looking for the peacefulness of Hawaii’s beautiful valleys.

Now, you are probably wondering whether these helicopter rides take place in a big old Chinook army helicopter or a rickety old helicopter from the 80’s. Helicopter rides in Hawaii and other places use their own special type of tour-based helicopter models. Paradise Helicopters uses their famous Eco-Star model helicopter, a true breakthrough in 21st century helicopter rides. These choppers have leading-edge improvements in safety, comfort, and panoramic viewing. Check out their website to see Virtual 360 Helicopter tours from inside and outside of their choppers. It is important that companies offering helicopter rides are up to par in safety, especially in precipitous and temperamental climates like you find in places like Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor Ghosts : The Legacy of December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor Ghosts

Full of gripping drama and vibrant details, here is the intimate human story of the events surrounding that fateful day of December 7, 1941–the glamorous tropical city that seemed too beautiful to suffer devastation . . . the stunned naval personnel whose lives would permanently be divided into before and after Pearl Harbor . . . the ordinary Honolulu residents who were tragically unprepared to be the first target in the Pacific war . . . the Japanese pilots who manned the squadron of deadly silver bombers . . . and the island’s community of Japanese-Americans whose lives would never be the same again.

Hawaii is currently dealing with a plague of helicopter ride accidents across its tourism sector. In fact, from Jan. 2003 to July 2008, there are thirty-six noted Hawaiian helicopter crashes that resulted in twenty-four fatalities overall. Quite a few of these crashes had to do with tour companies, but many speculate that this is just because Hawaii is the site of so many helicopter rides; one in ten visitors to Hawaii will end up taking a helicopter ride tour during their trip. But of course, there is also the issue of “micro-burst” rainstorms, these mini storms that can blindside pilots during a tour and endanger all the riders. If you are looking to take a Hawaiian helicopter ride, then you should research travel websites to find a reputable tour company that uses the latest helicopter models and safety equipment.

Given the facts, Hawaiian helicopter rides must be quite something to experience. For what other reason would 1 of 10 tourists risk taking air tours in the state with the highest helicopter crash rates? Your chances of having an ill-fated helicopter ride are obviously incredibly slim, and the view over the luscious Hawaiian scenery is said to be second to none.

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